Materials Handling Sector

Materials Handling Sector


Turkey is the 6th biggest economy in Europe and 17th biggest economy in the world.

Turkey’s 2023 target is to become the one of the first 3 biggest economies of Europe and become one of the first 10 biggest economies of the world.



250 billion USD worth of investment projects are planned in the roads, sea, air transportation and expected to increase by %250, sea and rail transportation are expected to increase by %400,

16.000 km double line road has been constructed and 14.000 km road to be constructed and 37.000 km double line road is planned,

Between 2023-2025, having 31.000 km railway system with 6.000 km new railways construction,

Having a fleet with 750 airplanes to be planned with 375 new airplanes purchase,

Having 60 airports with 8 new airport and planned construct biggest airport in İstanbul,

To be listed as “One of the Biggest 10 Harbors of the World” by 2023,

Increase commercial marine from 30 million DWT to 50 million DWT
• Until 2023, to own world’s largest and second longest, 640 km, Underground transportation projection worth 30 billion USD.
• New Bosporus Motorway Bridge Constructions in İstanbul and Çanakkale
• İstanbul – İzmir Highway Project, worth 9,9 billlion USD.
• New sub-sea motorway tunnel and Railway System in İstanbul Bosporus
• By Marmara Sea Speed Train Ring Project, worth 45 billion USD, connect 12 cities of Turkiye.
• Fast Speed Train Projects in 5 different regions of Turkiye
• New investment plan for Energy Industry worth 140 billion USD
• 400 billion USD worth of investment in urban transformation is planned until 2030
• 5 Huge Water Way Projects and 140 billion USD worth of Environment and Recycle Projects
• 100 Dam Constructions in Turkiye
• New investment plan worth of 26.7 billion USD for GAP (South Anatolian Projects)
• DAP (Eastern Anatolian Projects)/KAP (Northern Anatolian Project) strengthening plans
• 500.000 units of New Residence Construction Projects by 2015
• Infrastructure and Structure Construction Projects in 50 cities