TÜMOSAN Engine and Tractor Co. was established in 1976 to manufacture engine drive and power trains and similar equipments, but later focused its activities on diesel engine and tractor production.  TÜMOSAN has been producing engines since 1981 and tractors since 1984.

The first diesel engine manufacturer of Turkey, TÜMOSAN not only provided diesel engines to tractors with the same brand, but also produced diesel engines for other brands for long years.

The efforts of localization has rapidly continued with the support of Albayrak Group which acquired TÜMOSAN Engine and Tractor Co. in 2004 by privatization.The company successfully completed operations on the IPO (Initial Public Offering) and began trading on the Istanbul Stock Exchange in 2012.

TÜMOSAN, whose headquarter is in Istanbul, manufactures tractor and diesel engines on its own property located in Konya with a covered area of 93.000 m² on 1,6 million m². TÜMOSAN comes in the first place among the biggest manufacturing facilities with the production capacity of 75,000 engines/year and 45,000 tractors/year . As of today, the company manufactures total of 268 model range under 10 series and 25  3-4 Cylinder main models with options of vineyards and fields, canopy and cabins.

Apart from the agricultural machine engines, the company also satisfies customer expectations with its wide product range from forklifts to equipments.

There are 280 model options with 19 main equipments under 4 major product group such as tillage machines, sowing-maintenance-fertilizer machines, harvest-threshing machines and animal husbandry equipments.

At the same time, TÜMOSAN has widen operating fields by entering into the stacking  sector with 20 model variations under 2 main group,diesel and electric forklifts which are integrated with TÜMOSAN engine that thave different transport capacity and lift height options.

For over 40 years, TÜMOSAN also has been progressing in R&D projects of engine, transmission and power transmission groups and electronic systems  and managed to stand out in this field as the first 100% domestically funded company in Turkey.

Within this mission TÜMOSAN finally accomplished the National Integrated Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Project (MENTAP). The first prototype of 100% domestic tactical wheeled armored vehicle developed by TÜMOSAN engineers was produced.

With its modular structure, modern weapon systems, and high mobility, TÜMOSAN PUSAT has brought innovation to the national and international defense industry with low operating costs.

TÜMOSAN Engine and Tractor Industry Co. adopts its mission to provide customer satisfaction and loyalty in its target by producing and presenting products with high quality and technological equipment at the right time in line with the vision of becoming a universal national brand which will always help in continuous and controlled growth of income and profitability.